Hours for fitness – the TCC challenge

By April 1, 2014healthcare

Hello there. My name is Rob and I am the Campaign Company’s (TCC) Office Assistant. Now that it is Spring and people are feeling much more energetic, TCC will be focusing on encouraging healthy life styles for ourselves. We are already working more closely than ever with authorities on public health and we would like to demonstrate our own commitment to healthy lifestyles and live the advice we give.

We are going to embark on a 3 month fitness challenge from 1st April – 30th June (13 weeks) and work towards our collective Target of 390 hours to reach between us within this time.
The target has been worked out by number of recommended hours of exercise per week for an adult (2.5) x number of weeks of challenge (13) x number of staff taking part (12).

I will keep a record of the number of hours achieved on a weekly basis and will be counting the total over the month (one hours exercise = £1 donation  to Charity). 

Hopefully we will reach and exceed our target.  For example I am going to be taking up swimming and make sure I do at least 2x fast walks  of 30 Min’s  each per week.  Other staff tell me they are doing other things: running, going to the gym, exercise classes, walking, squash, badminton and tennis.

The challenge starts today and should be very exciting. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully the challenge will be reached, fitness and health improved and the charities will get a donation too.. 

I will be updating our progress on social media and I hope this inspires others too.

Rob Evans is the Office Assistant at the The Campaign Company.

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