WRAP, Groundwork, Resource London

Spring 2017

The challenge

The Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP), Groundwork and Resource London were planning a project funded by the EU’s Life programme, in the form of a campaign in nine London boroughs. The aim was to bring together for the first time, three key areas: food recycling, food waste reduction, and healthy sustainable eating. These are areas which impact on each other within the overall food cycle, but which few people see as linked.

How we approached it

Working with partner organisations, our role was to develop a strategy for what would be a three-year project. We chose to focus on two segments already identified by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. We tested ideas both with stakeholders, and with members of the public from within these two groups, and ultimately created a strategic comms and messaging plan looking at channels, messages, and, crucially, the overall structure of what would be a complex message for diverse audiences.

What happened

We designed a message structure which worked at three levels: a top-line vision to match these groups’ aspirations (‘Make food matter’), a set of ‘narrative links’ which joined together the respective aspects of the food cycle, and a set of more granular, practical asks and actions. This was designed to meet the overlapping needs of the two target segments. It was given to the creative agency who are now taking the project forward.