Medway Council

Autumn 2016-Winter 2017

The challenge

An initial round of qualitative research by TCC had found that previous healthy weight services were struggling to reach disadvantaged Settler communities. They wanted ultra-local, highly personalised interventions – framed in terms of wellbeing instead of health. Based on this insight and on evidence from elsewhere, Medway restructured their services piloting a new intervention called Tri-For-You. We were asked to return to the project, to help the Public Health team integrate the values methodology into the service right from the start.

How we approached it

We provided values data for all parents, children and course facilitators, so as to spot any potential values clashes early on. We provided readouts and guidance to help the course to match the family’s needs as well as possible. We also oversaw the design of course materials, suggested ways of dealing with the different balances of values within the groups, led facilitator training and wrote a handbook on using Values Modes.

What happened

We provided Values Modes for 29 parents, 33 children and 7 facilitators, giving read-outs to all parties. We delivered two training sessions, and a full facilitator handbook. The pilot was a success, and after a second wave, Tri-For-You is being rolled out more widely.