NHS Kirklees

Winter 2008

The challenge

Kirklees Primary Care Trust wanted to reduce the alcohol consumption in young women. Following insight into the issue during the National Social Marketing Centre’s planning framework, we were asked to understand the environmental and behavioural factors that lead to binge drinking among young women.

How we approached it

Due to the complex nature of alcohol consumption in young people, we used a range of research techniques. We facilitated engagement events with local schools with young women aged 14-17 to gather insight about latent factors (before they activity of ‘binge’ drinking becomes embedded). We also ran focus groups with women of the target age and older, and a did a set of video vox-pops in a Dewsbury nightclub.

What happened

Based on the insight, we developed ideas for a social marketing campaign. There combined initiatives like changes to pub drinks promotions with the use of social networks to create a more supportive context for responsible drinking. This was based on a peer-led approach, which we used to develop trust and build effective relationships with the target audience. The vox-pops, meanwhile, were edited into a DVD which was shown at the World Social Marketing Conference.