London Royal Borough of Greenwich

Winter 2016

The challenge

Greenwich Council wanted to gauge healthiness in their community, as part of their Healthy Families programme. They asked us to carry out research to get a picture of healthiness – and in particular healthy weight – across the borough. Part of the aim with this was to benchmark against previous research in the borough by TCC, to get a sense of changes over time.

 How we approached it

The focus of the research was on eight areas, which were among the Healthy Families behaviour change targets. These metrics included factors like levels of fruit and vegetables eaten, and levels of exercise among parents. We did depth surveys with parents, focusing on the Woolwich Riverside and Charlton wards (the areas we had focused on back in 2013). We did depth surveys with 200 people, around half of whom we went on to do further, more qualitative research with.

What happened

The outcomes showed an improvement in healthiness in most of the priority areas. In particular, there was greater brand awareness of ‘Greenwich Healthy Living’ and ‘Better’, the public faces of the campaign. This validated much of Greenwich’s work in the area, and helped them to hone their Healthy Families offer for the future.