Jeff French writes: Does one Hug, Shove or Smack as well as Nudge?

There is an increasing debate about the various types of behaviour change that one can now use. Should one Nudge, Think or Steer, or look at a wider mix of interventions? Charlie Mansell at TCC has recently blogged about some of these.

To take the debate even further, here is a matrix that compares the level of active conscious decision with the nature of the choice architecture. It is very important to take account of both when designing an intervention.

Creating any new form of choice architecture needs to take account of how much the response to it will be conditioned by conscious and unconscious reactions.

As can be seen there are not just Nudges, but a far richer range of approaches that can be adopted in response to the deep insight one gathers in any change programme.

Professor Jeff French is a non-executive Director of The Campaign Company, a professor at Brunel University and a Fellow at Kings College University of London. He founded and established the National Social Marketing Centre in England and currently is chief executive of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd. He will be a keynote speaker at the 2nd World Social Marketing Conference in 2011 in Dublin


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