USA “ready to lead again” in “a new era of responsibility”!

President Obama’s speech was nothing less than superb. Having already posted some of his previous speeches I thought it was only right to post a visual summary of his speech using Wordle web 2.0 software.

It is interesting to note the strong reference to the word “Nation” which also parallels the references to it by a previous Illinois Senator in the Gettysburg Address. The use of the word “Nation” seems to sound a more serious note for these more serious times.

Barack Obama Inauguration Speech 2009

Barack Obama Inauguration Speech 2009

Having said of the United States that “we are ready to lead again”, Barack Obama will be judged not just by his country, but by the entire world. His numerous references to the need to tackle the challenges caused by climate change shows that his call for a “new era of responsibility” is not just a challenge to his country but a challenge to the world. To adapt a famous Kennedy inaugural phrase: “Ask not what the world can do for you, ask what you can do for the world.”

Published by Charlie Mansell, Research and Political Development Officer of The Campaign Company.

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  • Ben Carter says:

    The huge expectations on Obama will inevitably leave some people disappointed over time. However at the moment he is still a superhero.

    In the UK we have our own recent experience of a leader in whom lots of hopes and dreams were placed who, some might say, did not make good on early promise.

    I am sure that Obama knows that the massive support and faith that people have in him give him license to bring in some truly sweeping changes (maybe even ones we can believe in!)

    Don’t hold back Mr President…

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