What we do

TCC are experts in insight and engagement. We deliver high quality research, to understand people’s needs. And we work with residents and decision-makers on community-driven policy solutions.

Our insight projects range from understanding young people’s attitudes to knife crime and COVID to understanding how communities can overcome divisions and social challenges. We use qualitative, quantitative and deliberative tools, ranging from in-depth focus groups through to citizens assembly surveys spanning thousands of responses. We design, deliver and interpret research, so you can understand key audiences. And our grounding in behaviour change lets us help you to apply the findings. Much of the research we do is underpinned by Values Modes, which we have used for over a decade to gauge deeper motivations.

Our engagement work aims to strengthen democracy and trust. It includes carrying out community engagement as well as supporting formal, statutory consultations. We facilitate co-produced policy workshops and citizens’ assemblies. We design and deliver local interventions like neighbourhood connector schemes. And we empower residents to have a say in decisions that affect their lives. Our engagement work also involves staff training on face-to-face outreach, and comms support on framing and messaging. In 2016 we produced the LGA’s New Conversations toolkit. Updated in 2018 and 2022, this has become the gold standard for local government consultation.

Who we work with

TCC is a values-driven company, and collaborates with organisations working towards a social purpose. Our clients include local authorities, central government departments, the NHS and other national agencies, as well as charities, universities and social enterprises.

The work we do spans a huge range of topics. You can click the buttons below for some examples. Particular areas of expertise include the environment, public health and healthcare access, housing and regeneration, young people, and community relations.

Our specialism as a company is in addressing sensitive subjects and working with hard-to-reach groups. We are able to do this at a grass roots level and in an emotionally intelligent way, but on a basis which feeds into wider strategic thinking for the organisation.

Our clients include