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Understanding people is the starting point to involve, engage and communicate effectively; what motivates them and who influences them. The Campaign Company’s unique politically aware insight driven practice helps our clients do this.

We use Values Modes, a powerful tool that helps to explain the underlying drivers of behaviour. Understanding why people do things makes for better service design, better decision-making and more efficiency.

We pride ourselves on producing high quality and reliable insight that inspires meaningful change and helps clients respond to new and challenging policy and communication needs. We currently work with local authorities, NHS Trusts, charities, businesses and membership based organisations. But we will work with anyone who shares our values.

To find out more about our values approach, examples of work we have delivered and to take our values modes test please click HERE.

  • TCC’s Daniel Jackson presents…

    Each year TCC fund an award ‘the best undergraduate student undertaking the social marketing elective’ at Brighton University and we ask one of the team to present the prize each year to the winning student

  • NEW Interview

    TCC have interviewed Professor Jeff French; CEO at Strategic Social Marketing. Please click here to view the video

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  • Shisha Smoking at the European Social Marketing Conference

    Last week, Rosanna Post and myself from TCC went to this year’s European Social Marketing Conference that was held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The conference promised to be an interesting mix of debates, examples of good practice and insight in the development of social marketing in Europe, mainly centred on health (although animals weren’t forgotten
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  • The Values Choice

    The Values Choice: Cultural Values in the short and long-term – the debate continues Three years ago I wrote about the ‘Values Gap‘. This was a blog posting that has been cited in RSA reports on the psychological basis for active citizenship. Now is the right time to talk about what one might describe as
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  • Scottish Referendum: a festival of democracy and the start of a trend?

    This is just a quick posting with a few observations on the recent Scottish Independence Referendum where on an 85% turnout, the country voted 55.3% No to 44.7% Yes: 1. The Turnout. Impressively good. Getting 85% of the public to do the same thing at the same time is very rare in this more complex
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  • Sexual Health Education – are we doing it the right way?

    Yes it’s the dreaded lesson which every child fears at school. The moment where they see their own teacher awkwardly put a condom on a carrot (or worse an actual dildo.) This is by far the one lasting memory most children will take away from sexual health education in schools. It’s sexual health week this
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