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Understanding people is the starting point to involve, engage and communicate effectively; what motivates them and who influences them. The Campaign Company’s unique politically aware insight driven practice helps our clients do this.

We use Values Modes, a powerful tool that helps to explain the underlying drivers of behaviour. Understanding why people do things makes for better service design, better decision-making and more efficiency.

We pride ourselves on producing high quality and reliable insight that inspires meaningful change and helps clients respond to new and challenging policy and communication needs. We currently work with local authorities, NHS Trusts, charities, businesses and membership based organisations. But we will work with anyone who shares our values.

To find out more about our values approach, examples of work we have delivered and to take our values modes test please click HERE.

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  • Pro-social consultations are a symptom of successful public bodies (Part 1)

    The economic climate is bleak, perhaps, as some say, the worst fiscal crisis in decades. A new politician in her first meaningful ministerial position takes a tough decision to reduce spending, as a result she is caricatured as a villain. Not 2014 but the early 1970’s, enter ‘Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher’. Fast forward to today
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  • 10 tips for having a difficult conversation on cuts

    The dust is settling from the local elections. Whether under new political control or not, councils will now have to face up to the reality of their financial position. The first wave of cuts felt tough but most councils were able to make them without cutting into the bone. In this – the second and
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  • What will the Euro-elections tell us?

    People will be voting today in the UK and across the rest of Europe over the coming days to elect the next European Parliament. What might be key public policy issues arising from that election? Here are three: Turnout There is a chance that turnout may be up in this election. In the past it
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  • £2million Cabinet Office initiative, seems like a good investment

    When the NHS was founded you could expect to live into your early 60s. Today you will get, on average, 20 years more life. The modern day diseases and health challenges that come with longevity and ‘over consumption’, such a cancers, diabetes and obesity were difficult to conceive in an environment of post-war rationing, when
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