Our Approach

For us, understanding people always comes first. Our unique understanding of people’s values, social networks and relationships has consistently improved the impact, efficacy and efficiency of organisation’s communication, consultation activity and behaviour change interventions and campaigns over the last 15 years.

Understanding people

Understanding people’s values we can see what makes people tick and what changes behaviour. Understanding values helps us design powerful and effective communication and engagement programmes that have an impact, improve your influence.

Social networks are the powerhouse that pushes societies on. Good networks make people feel that they belong and are listened to. By gaining insight into these networks and engaging with their key personnel, communicators can bring about the change they want to see.

Relationships matter to individuals personal influence is always more effective than formal authority. By exploring relationships and mapping out how they work, we can exert influence and help you identify the best way to have an impact.

Values Modes

Over the past decade we have consistently seen that finding out people’s, communities and population’s values can transform the way our clients communicate and engage with their target groups to achieve real and lasting change.

Using the ‘Values Modes’ tool we can help you understand:

  • The motivational drivers and values of a population or group
  • The communication messages that will resonate with different groups
  • The channels that will reach specific groups
  • The potential vulnerable groups or instances where social problems may arise

Why does Values Modes work?

When we try and understand why people behave the way that they do, it is common to breakdown patterns by age, gender or social class. While differentiating groups like this is useful, evidence shows that this is not enough and underestimates the complexity of human behaviour.

Through using Values Modes we can differentiate groups by the values they hold and what motivates them. This allows us to better understand and so influence and communicate more directly to the real behavioural drivers of a specific group or population.

How does Values Modes work?

We identify what motivates people using a tried and tested survey. By analysing a person’s answers, it is possible to place them into one of three groups – Pioneers, Prospectors or Settlers – based on their dominant motivations.

The groups range from Socially Conservative Settlers likely to resist change to Socially Liberal Pioneers likely to question your motives and seek deeper insight. We can help you understand what triggers opinion and behaviour in these groups.

Find out more

Take the Values Modes test and find out which values group you belong to.

Values Modes Test

We’d be happy to talk with you about values modes and how they can be applied to improve communications, interventions and engagement, just get in touch.

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