The London Borough of Newham and the Royal Society of Arts

Autumn 2011

The challenge

Our remit was to establish insight into the resilience of the community in Newham. High levels of resilience make it more likely that individuals will flourish and that the borough as a whole will succeed. Practical interventions based can help areas and individuals succeed in the long term. For Newham, a diverse and unequal borough, this was important.

How we approached it

We conducted research with the London Borough of Newham to develop a deep insight into the networks and values of their community. Working with our partners at the Royal Society of the Arts, we developed an approach based on social network analysis and underlying motivations. We conducted social network analysis surveys with over 800 local residents, as well as 180 staff, businesses and community groups.

What heppened

We found significant areas where practical interventions around issues such as employment and volunteering could bring immediate impact for vulnerable residents. Read the final published report here.