Northamptonshire County Council


The challenge

Following TCC’s insight and engagement work on the You Choose initiative to increase public awareness of the significant financial pressures on Northamptonshire County Council, TCC were commissioned to undertake a resident reputation tracker survey. This tested testing resident awareness of the council’s work and trust in the council.

How we approached it

Following successful delivery of an initial tracker, we were repeatedly recommissioned over the next five years to continue tracking resident satisfaction, using a mixture of LG Inform questions (which were benchmarked against other areas), bespoke Northamptonshire questions, additional questions pertinent at the time, and Values Modes analysis.

We conduct a representative telephone survey at regular intervals throughout the year, including LGInform reputation questions and Values Modes segmentation. Values Modes segmentation enables us to understand the underlying drivers of and impact of resident’s perceptions and concerns.

What happened

The findings have influenced Northamptonshire council’s policy, including communications, public health and engagement. In particular, the work gave the authority a greater organisational self-awareness.

As well as tracking its own performance over time and against other areas, the values dimension helped cast a new light on the needs and priorities of local people.