The London Borough of Westminster

Summer 2009

The challenge

NHS Westminster wanted their website to be a powerful tool to address health inequalities in the Borough. They asked TCC to carry out a wide-ranging public consultation to find out how they could make their website as useful as possible. In particular, with Westminster being a borough with a lot of ‘through traffic’ in terms of population, they wanted to make sure the website connected with the area’s large transient population.

How we approached it

We used multiple engagement methods to guarantee a full cross-section. In all we did 500 face-to-face surveys (approximately 75% residents and 25% tourists or workers) and another 500 telephone surveys, 40 online surveys, 10 interviews with key health stakeholders, and focus groups with the public and staff. We also benchmarked their existing website against comparable equivalents to establish best practice. Al of the above was segmented using Value Modes, to make sure groups such as Settlers (who tend to be the least e-savvy) were not excluded.

What happened

By using such an holistic approach we were able to establish key priorities for Westminster residents. These included a website which is easy to find through search engines, signposting to other sites, ultra-localised information, and facilities for people to manage their own healthonline.NHS Westminster went on to design their new site to incorporate these principles.