Libraries consultation

Trafford Council

March 2015

The project

Trafford Libraries service was asked to find one third savings for the next financial year. They needed support to develop and deliver a statutory consultation that was both legal and provided meaningful dialogue about what next with their community.

Our approach

We provided design, content development, and analysis of the consultation, helping to design and facilitate more than 20 public engagement events.

We realised quickly that a two stage process was necessary, first of all to engage the public in possible solutions and second stage of consultation to get feedback on site specific proposals developed from the first stage of consultation.

We developed materials that were fit for purpose, gathering response via an online response form and analysed over 2000 responses. We also helped to identify seldom heard groups and advised on activities to engage those groups.

The outcome

The two stage consultation process produced previously unknown options to reduce funding requirements and to increase the sustainability of particular sites. This reduced the number of potential proposed library closures and embedded the community in the provision of services.