TCC Values Modes Test Results

Settler – Roots

The world tends to feel threatening to this group– survival is a mark of success. Because life seems hard, they are very self-sufficient: rationality is more important than self-reflection or understanding others.

Settler – Smooth Sailing

Routines and convenience are important to this group, and they are less keen on new ways of thinking: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Because safety and security is important in a harsh world, they tend to be quite individualistic and self-contained.

Settler – Brave New World

This group dream, and work hard to create a better world for themselves and others. They like big questions but prefer controllable, local answers – they are careful about money because it allows them to ensure safety and control.

Settler – Certainty First

This group are happier with change than the other settler groups, although they tend to want it to slow down to allow them to adjust to it. It is important to be ‘normal’ and ‘rational’ and they tend to like strong, simple explanations of the world.

Prospector – Golden Dreamers

For this group, dreams are important – and they will try anything to achieve them. Life is a game, and they will try out a range of personas to get what they need. They are often conflicted about money, wanting both security and the ability to buy symbols of value.

Prospector – Happy Follower

Optimistic and ambitious, this group are driven by their need for respect– although they are not always sure whether self-respect or respect from others is more important. They are highly driven, and sometimes so busy doing ‘the right thing’ that they don’t have time to sit down and reflect.

Prospector – Now People

This group have a real hunger for life – it is a party to be enjoyed, and they want to be in the middle of it. They prefer a romanticised version of reality. Their need for approval means they have strong social skills, and attract others to them.

Prospector – Tomorrow People

Life is an adventure for this group – things are good today, and they will be better tomorrow. Self-confident and energetic, they like pushing their own limits, even when this creates a bit of a sense of confusion.

Pioneer – Transitionals

This group are open to new feelings and situations, but they are still rational and pragmatic – they tend to prefer tried and tested methods. Although they like pushing mental, emotional and physical boundaries, they prefer to do so safely.

Pioneer – Concerned Ethicals

This group need to live life with a sense of purpose – and to create a better world, they must themselves become better people. They have strong views and really care about what they do: this can mean they seem interesting and formidable rather than compassionate.

Pioneer – Flexible Individualists

Awareness – of the world and of yourself – is central for this group. Ethics matter, but they tend to be situational rather than systematic. They are highly energetic and need to push boundaries: this can mean that their behaviour seems eclectic and even confusing to others.

Pioneer – Transcenders

This group are self-aware and contented, but still like to explore. Life is fun, and they are intrigued by the unknown. They try to create stronger connections with others and with the environment around them.

How TCC can help

Working with our partners at Cultural Dynamics, TCC use Values Modes to help local authorities, health trusts and third sector organisations understand their populations and target their messages effectively so they are able to work with all parts of the population – especially people who are often alienated by standard ways of working, where trust is at its lowest.