Professor Jeff French to write for TCC

We are pleased to report that Professor Jeff French will writing a number of postings for this Blog in the coming months. He will be covering a wide range of behavioural change issues in a series of postings that will combine both theory and practical application. We think they will contribute to the debate on how behaviour change strategies can  make a difference in public policy in an era when budgets may be more constrained.

Jeff is a recognised global leader in behaviour intervention and social marketing approaches. He is a professor at Brunel University and a Fellow at Kings College University of London and teaches a many other UK Universities including Northumbria, Brighton, City University. Jeff has extensive networks across the fields of behaviour change, health promotion, public sector communications and social marketing in the public sector in the UK and internationally.

He led the UK Government commissioned 2 year independent review into behavioural intervention and social marketing approaches that produced the ‘It’s Our Health!’ report in 2006. The recommendations from which were subsequently accepted by the Government and directly informed adoption of a strategic social marketing approach across England. He also founded and established the National Social Marketing Centre in England from 2006 through to 2009.

Currently he is chief executive of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd and he also acts as the principle advisor to the National Social Marketing Centre, the Department of Health, the National Council for Palliative Care Coalition and he is also leading preparations for the 2nd World Non-profit and Social Marketing conference in Dublin in 2011.

Jeff’s postings will show that there a vast range of approaches to achieving change and that much of the resources to achieve this are all around in the existing human and physical resources of most public bodies.

Charlie Mansell is Research and Development Officer for the The Campaign Company

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