Below you will find TCC’s new logo – which was arrived at in quite a novel way.

The new TCC logo

To me, the phrase ‘designer marketplace’ initially conjured up images of a Prada clearance sale, full to the gills with brawling consumers. But in the world of corporate graphic design, it refers to a tool like – a website that allows a company to run a ‘design contest’ and look through the entries submitted to find the most suitable logo or image for their purpose.

The Campaign Company set up this kind of contest on to come up with our new logo. After creating the design brief, we set a price – or prize – to be paid to the winning designer. Designers around the world soon began to submit entries for us to choose from.

The really clever part – and the part that most chimes with TCC’s collaborative way of working – is that once a design is submitted, the client can rate it and provide feedback to designers, who can tweak their designs and resubmit.

Having paid the prize money, The Campaign Company is now the proud owner of a new logo and the copyright to the image. But as well as giving us another option for graphics work in the future, the process has set us thinking about ways to implement this kind of functional, competitive yet collaborative web 2.0 tool in the context of engaging with the public and building democratic involvement.

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