Hours for fitness – how did we do?

By August 19, 2014What we have been up to

At the beginning of April we decided as a company that we would to do something for charity. Over the past 18 months we have increased the amount of work we do with local authorities on public health projects, and as such we wanted to demonstrate our own commitment to public health by encouraging our staff to do more exercise over a 3 month period. We set ourselves a target of doing 390 hours exercise between the team, over a period of three months – April to June. This equated to 2.5 hours per staff member, per week, for the duration of the challenge. I wrote about the challenge we set for ourselves here.

Unfortunately we didn’t quite hit the target, we came up slightly shy with 348 hours exercise over the period. Personally, I did a lot of walking over the last three months, lost a bit of weight, and feel a lot better for doing it.

We are going to donate the money raised to a local charity – Croydon Speakers’ Corner Trust. Speakers’ Corner believe that association between citizens and the free, face-to-face exchange of ideas, information and opinions – with each other as well as with the decision-takers among them – is a key to rebuilding trust and participation in community life and governance in Britain. This is something that TCC fully endorse, and as such we are delighted to donate the money to Croydon Speakers’ Corner Trust.

Rob Evans is the Office Assistant at the The Campaign Company. You can read more about our behaviour change work here and our work into values here.

You can read more about our behaviour change work here and our work into values here. – See more at: http://www.thecampaigncompany.co.uk/blog/making-a-habit-of-it/#sthash.KGl3f9VJ.dpuf